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Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds

Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds
Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds
Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds

Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds
Glass-On-Glass design produces pure, great tasting flavor. Ceramic heating element provides even convective heat, reducing the risk of combustion.

Angle of the heater-cover to wand connection prevents flower from falling into the element. Custom hand-blown glass temperature knob ensures no two Silver Surfers are alike. Highly customizable - select housing and base colors as well as custom glass accessories. Each unit is built and tested by hand in Colorado, USA. Vaping temperature is adjustable to fit your personal inhale speed and chosen blend.

Ships in a high-quality hemp and polyester padded bag with compartments for all accessories. Easily converts into the safest e-nail on the market. Set is hands-free, with the heater cover and wand fitting together for an airtight seal. This is convenient, as you dont have to hold the wand up to the heater cover, but it does not allow you to rotate the wand or have complete control over the heating.

The GG wands have a 19mm male glass end and accept 14.8mm screens, while the GG heater cover has a 19mm female ground glass connection. The GG wands also have a slightly smaller chamber than the SG and SGG wands.

The Ground Glass set is good for users who want the convenience of not having to hold their wand up to the heater cover, however, it does require more frequent stirring as you cannot rotate the wand to ensure the heat reaches all the way around the bowl. Perhaps the biggest appeal of the GG wand is that it has a standard 19mm ground glass attachment, which will be able to accommodate a wide range of accessories, so we recommend this set for people who want to customize their vaping experience. Wand and heater cover lock into place for hands-free use 19mm wand accepts 14.8mm screens Smaller chamber Less control over heat distribution Accidental breakages more common with this glass type Standard 19mm connection will fit a variety of glass accessories Frequent stirring required for even results.

Is the most common choice of SSV glass type, the SSV Standard Glass Wand is smooth with a flared opening and accepts 15.8mm screens, while the heater cover is smooth and rounded with a small opening which fits inside the flared opening of the wand. The fit of the flared wand opening over the heater cover allows you to easily rotate the wand as you draw. This is necessary to achieve even heating, as the heater covers small opening provides very pinpointed heat. The SG set is not hands-free, meaning you will have to hold the wand up to the heater cover for the entire time you draw, but it can be made hands-free with the inclusion of the SSV hands-free attachment.

The biggest benefit of the Standard Glass set is that it is the best at preventing from being blown into the heater cover. This can happen with inexperienced users or even the most seasoned connoisseurs from time to time.

The narrow opening of the standard heater cover will keep most inside the wand if you accidentally exhale through the whip. This set is also great for users who dont want to stir as often, as its possible to achieve even heating simply by rotating the wand. Wand is smooth glass with a flared end, accommodates 15.8mm screen Heater cover smooth, rounded glass with small pinpointed opening Not hands free but can be used with hands-free attachment Provides best user control and best of both worlds with the hands-free adapter Prevents herb spillage inside the heater cover Less stirring required. The Silver Surfer was the first to employ a ceramic heater element and pure glass-on-glass air flow for the best possible flavor. Each unit is assembled and tested by American workers - not in China or Germany or some nameless overseas factory - but hand-crafted in Colorado Springs, CO.

Our talented staff of glass-blowing artisans provide the finishing touch with a custom made, hand-blown temperature control knob - ensuring that no two Silver Surfers on planet earth are alike. This bundle is built just for the herbal connoisseurs at a.

It comes complete with everything you need to get started. The Aroma Top will keep your home smelling amazing the entire time! The item "Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds" is in sale since Friday, March 22, 2019.

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Silver Surfer Desktop Herbal Candle melt, Over $100 Off Cosmetic Seconds